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Bringing loved ones together at the table is at the heart of what we do

From top-rated favorites and health-conscious options to signature dishes and more, variety is always on the menu.

Susie, the inspiration behind So Heavenly, brought her culinary vision to life as she opened the doors to the public, offering her mouthwatering and colorful dishes from her intimate family table to yours. Without a doubt, the world is a more delicious one now. 

She combined her home recipes and international favorites into a delightful, versatile menu, where variety is always at the forefront. 

She creates delicious and balanced recipes inspired by her mixed cultural heritage as a way to explore and connect different cultures, using simple, fresh ingredients and transforming them into sophisticated and elegant meals for the whole family. 

So Heavenly is the result of a passion for fresh, authentic, and seasonal homemade food made to order that delights everyone at your table.

We hope you enjoy our creations, perfect for intimate gatherings or larger events, where you can sit back and enjoy a delectable meal made to impress. 

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