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About Us

Feelings of joy and satisfaction are ingredients that blend to perfection when Susie Lustgarten gathers family and friends at her dinner table. Her touch is in every dish she so exquisitely prepares, making So Heavenly the Kosher Catering of choice.

After years of being dissatisfied with store-bought challah bread, Susie decided to experiment with numerous recipes to create the one up to her standards. The result elicited praise among her loving children who pressed her to venture into new territory and bring her dishes to the public.

So Heavenly is born as a result of several generations of traditional Jewish cuisine with recipes from Susie’s rich Ancestry mixed with a touch of Latin flavors. Whether you are having an intimate dinner party for 8, a Sunday brunch for 30, or a party for 200, we will help create a menu your guests will surely enjoy without you lifting a finger.